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For a unique and personalized guided sightseeing tour in Vienna, the choice of a competent guide is a sine qua non requirement: a random guided tour can become a one-of-a-kind guided visit thanks to the presence of a good guide who will stick with you through thick and thin! On the contrary, an inept guide could spoil the best guided tour. That is the reason why we put special care in choosing our guides: we base our decision not only on their knowledge but also on their linguistic capacities, their speaking skill, their presence, their ability to entertain and their Viennese charm!

Guide service

Through Sightseeingtours-Vienna, you can hire the services of Viennese guides for the following guided visits:

  • Vienna guide service: Hire a guide for sightseeing tours by minibus, bus or fiacre in Vienna.
  • Guided tours in Vienna: Guide service for various kinds of visits in Vienna such as special visits and themed visits across Viennese districts or simply for a general view of the city.
  • Lecturers in Vienna: Lecturer service for excursions by bus from Vienna to any location in Lower Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Styria, Upper Austria, Czech Republic and Salzburg. This service provides guides all over Austria.
  • Guided visits in English: Tourist itineraries with English speaking guides or lecturers in Austria and Europe.

Whatever the type of guided visit in Vienna and the guide you wish to hire, thanks to our wide list of contacts, we ensure the availability of guides who will surely meet your tiniest demands.

Hire a guide in Vienna

If you want to hire the services of a guide in Vienna, please write us at . Our team will be happy to tackle your request and will forward you an estimate of your guided tour by bus with a lecturer in Vienna as fast as possible!

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