Panoramic sightseeing tours in Vienna

One of the favored sightseeing tours in Vienna is the panoramic city tour comprising a trip along the Ringstrasse to the Prater, the Viennese Big Wheel, making a detour via the Danube and the International Center to finish with a coffee break at the Hundertwasserhaus and a stroll around the Belveder.

Panoramic sightseeing tour by bus

Please check below the different steps included in the program of your panoramic sightseeing visit:

  • Meeting point at the hotel: Your Viennese guide will pick you up by coach at your hotel or at any desired location.
  • Ringstrasse tour: You will drive along the Ringstrasse as your guide will share his historical interpretations and facts about the history of Vienna. He will also show you the main buildings: the Opera, the Hofburg palace,the museum district, the Museum of Art and History, the Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, the Austrian Parliament, the Volksgarten, the City Hall, the Burgtheater, the University, the Viennese Stock Exchange building and the Votiv church.
  • Trip along the Danube: Along the canal are displayed some of the most beautiful Viennese must-sees such as the Schutzenhaus by Otto Wagner, the Bermuda Triangle, the Ruprecht church, the Greek district and the Urania.
  • The Viennese Prater: Following the crossing of the Danube, your bus will lead you across Leopoldstadt passing by the Prater Boulevard heading to the Prater. You can have a peek at the main alley and at the Big Wheel and traipse around the stalls of the "Prater Fair".
  • The Danube and the International Center: Passing over the Reichsbrucke, you will catch sight of the Danube, the Danube Island and the International Center and its neighboring towers.
  • Hundertwasserhaus: Returning to the Southern area of the Danube, your bus, your guide and you will head to the Hundertwasserhaus for a guided visit of the building and then for a coffee break. Moreover, you will have some time to shop for Viennese souvenirs at the main Hundertwasserhaus shop.
  • The Belvedere castle: Driving by the anti-aircraft towers in the Arenberg park and in front of the Arsenal, you will reach the Belvedere castle, former summer residence of the Prince Eugene of Savoy. While walking through the baroque gardens of the Belvedere, your guide will tell you all about the imperial life style, the ottoman war and the Art baroque in Vienna. The facade of the Belvedere looks at wonderful Vienna for a great view of the city.
  • Final step in the old town: The tour ends with your bus dropping you at your wished location in the old town of Vienna. Therefore, you will be able to saunter around in the old city or enjoy a lunch or a dinner in one of the numerous Viennese restaurants.

The panoramic guided tour lasts around 3 hours. If you wish, you can prolong your tour for one more hour - with a supplement - so that you could visit the Belvedere castle or add up another guided visit of the old town to your itinerary.

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 Ringstrasse: parliament and city hall

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