Sissi sightseeing tours in Vienna

Visitors to Vienna particularly appreciate sightseeing tours by bus; amongst them the fabulous Sissi guided tour includes a visit of the Schonbrunn castle, a ride on the Wienzeile to the Charles place heading to the Ringstrasse, a tour of the Ringstrasse, a walk in the Volksgarten, a visit of the memorial to Sissi, to eventually conclude with a visit of the Sissi Museum and the imperial appartments museum in the Hofburg palace.

"Sissi" city tour by bus

Please check below the different steps of your "Sissi" tour in Vienna:

  • Meeting point at the Schonbrunn castle: Your Viennese guide will pick you up by bus close to the bus stop in front of the Schonbrunn castle, at your hotel or at any desired location.
  • Stroll at the Schonbrunn castle: You will enjoy a stroll around the Schonbrunn castle while listening to your guide telling you about the historical and trivial facts surrounding the life of the empress Sissi and the castle.
  • Trip along the Wienzeile: You will then be taken by bus on the Wienzeile to the Viennese center. Your guide will supplement your trip with a hint of knowledge about the sightseeing attractions and the buildings on show on your way, such as the Art Nouveau houses designed by Otto Wagner, the Naschmarkt, the Theater and the Secession building.
  • Trip on the Ringstrasse: Driving on the Ringstrasse, your bus will pass by numerous Viennese must-sees. Your guide will tell you everything you need to know about the National Opera, the Museum of Art History, the memorial to Maria Theresa of Austria, the MuseumsQuartier, the Museum of Natural History, the Parliament, the Temple of Theseus at the Volksgarten, the Burgtheater, the City Hall, the University, the Votiv Church, the Market, Urania, the memorial to General Radetzky , the Clinic, the city park, the memrorial to Johann-Strauss and the Schwarzenberg palce.
  • Stroll in the Volksgarten: The bus will stop at the Maria Theresa place. Your group and your guide will step out of the bus for a stroll in the Volksgarten, a visit of the Temple of Theseus and of the nearby memorial to the empress Sissi not far away.
  • Visit of the Sissi Museum: After a short walk at the Hofburg palace of Sissi, you will enter the Sissi museum for a visit accompanied by your guide who will uncover the details of the imperial lifestyle of the time.
  • Visit of the imperial appartments: To conclude your "Sissi sightseeing tour", you will go through the living areas where emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and empress Elizabeth of Austria (empress Sissi) spent their time. The doors of the bedroom, the courtroom, the emperor's office, the Salon, the gym where empress Sissi used to train, the Bergl room containing Sissi's bathroom, the banquet room of the imperial appartments with its beautifully designed imperial tables are wide opened to the visitors.
  • Ending to the Ballhausplatz square: The "Sissi sightseeing tour" finishes after the visit of the imperial premises at the Ballhausplatz square, between the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the President's quarters. If need be, your guide can walk you to the entry of the imperial silver collection that you could visit gratuitously at the end of the tour.

The "Sissi" guided tour lasts three hours. For an extra hour - with a supplement -, you will be able to visit the inside of the Schonbrunn castle, prolong your stroll in the old town or complete your tour with a visit of the grave of the empress Sissi in the imperial family vault.

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